Presenting... The New & Improved Online Course on Freelancing That Has Sold 5300 Copies!

If you think earning 100k per month in freelancing is impossible, ask the students of Create & Rise Academy how they managed to keep on doing that month after month after month


Because if I am being honest, 100k per month is starting to become the norm in our industry. You can blame inflation and all but, I see it every single day. These people are the catalysts.


Imagine being one of them, too.



The New & Improved Online Course on Freelancing

That Has Sold 5300 Copies!

If you think earning 100k per month in freelancing is impossible, ask the students of Create & Rise Academy how they managed to keep on doing that month after month after month


Because if I am being honest, 100k per month is starting to become the norm in our industry. You can blame inflation and all but, I see it every single day. These people are the catalysts.


Imagine being one of them, too.



Since 2019, we have sold 5300 copies of this online course and it became best-selling yet the stories we hear are all but the same:


“I want to have a life of ultimate freedom but I do not know how to do it.”


Create & Rise Academy has turned people’s lives around by this one roadmap we call,

The Create & Rise Masterplan.

*Proof of number of copies we sold. Screenshot from the Product Feature of Kajabi.
*Proof of number of copies we sold. Screenshot from the Product Feature of Kajabi.

It teaches the step-by-step process on how to go from zero-to-hero in the freelancing industry. It doesn’t only teach you how to start, how to get 100k months but also how to maintain those 100k months and never look back.

There are 7 steps in the masterplan molded into 7 modules in CRA to follow this rigorous yet lucrative process in freelancing. You’ll learn:

๐Ÿš€ How to give top-notch customer service to your clients by understanding yourself first

๐Ÿš€ How to investigate and conclude what skills work best for you so you can set off and earn $$$ from it

๐Ÿš€ How to fully understand clients’ needs so you can deliver them well and gain your clients’ trust

๐Ÿš€ How to fight back against the ‘do you have an experience’ question by clients without actually having an experience (this is the pro-tip for newbies)

๐Ÿš€ How to get clients without spending a dollar on running ads

๐Ÿš€ What things to say during a negotiation call and close the client deals every single time

๐Ÿš€ How to have a system when taking in clients so that you don’t overwhelm yourself during client onboarding & maintenance

I know this is nice, awesome and all but… I have to tell you,

 CRA’s success has been very selective.

Yes, we can guarantee that the method works.
BUT, only to the people who are willing to put in the work.

Create & Rise Academy is NOT for you if:

โŒ You think you can get your first 100k months within 6 months of not doing anything, not asking questions, not opening the modules, not going out there and building genuine client relationships and not applying the lessons learned
โŒ You tend to blame other people or other things for your failures (i.e., your coach, the course, your accountability buddy, your poverty, or the world) instead of accepting that you also have your own fault in the process of failing (i.e., you haven’t done enough, you are impatient with your results, you think everything is easy)
โŒ You complain a lot and just have a plain bad attitude (we have kicked people out of the community just because of this)
โŒ You easily give up when things don’t work in 6 months when you haven’t tried looking into yourself first, “What are the things I haven’t done yet?”

This is why, if in the past, some of these manifestations have appeared in your life and are continuing to do so, I do not suggest that you enroll in CRA.


Money doesn’t come to the people who are not ready for it.

Year after year people have shown us that the “I know how to help you make 100k months” is a shiny newspaper headline, and their true colors come out because they’re only interested in the money, not in the things they need to prepare themselves for in order to receive it.

And you know you’re ready to accept blessings if:
๐Ÿ’›  You fully understand that one has to be patient in getting his/her results
๐Ÿ’› You have learned that comparison to others is never going to help you in the process of becoming successful
๐Ÿ’› You see the resources you currently have as valuable instead of always looking for something new, and hence thinking what you currently have is not enough
๐Ÿ’› You always look inwards and ask, “What are the things that I haven’t tried yet in order to make things work?”

And this is true because… here are the testimonials of the students who made it work:

It worked for them. So why wouldn’t it work for you?

And of course as someone true to her word, here are my results as well.

And here are Demi's results following the same EXACT blueprint...

Disclaimer: Demi's results are not a guarantee of your results. Demi has worked hard to get where she is and while she loves helping others reach success, she can not guarantee results because your results depend solely on your willingness to apply what you learn and take consistent action.


From Undercharging and Overwhelmed ๐Ÿ˜ฅ to
Well Paid ๐Ÿ’ธ and Finally Free ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝ‍๐Ÿ’ป

I have seen it so many times…

Many people are jumping into the freelancing field not knowing what to do and undercharging their services to the point they’d need to work until they die just to pay their bills or reach six-figures to provide for their family...

Some want to quit their day jobs because they don’t like the toxic environment they’re in, the long hours, crazy commutes, the low income...

It’s not your fault. I’ve been there too...

I used to wake up every day to the landlady knocking on my door of my rented apartment asking when I'm going to pay my rent...

I was eating monggo beans for days and if I have enough, just buying 5 pieces of ensaymada in Julie’s bakeshop as my main course for the day JUST BECAUSE I had no idea how to attract good clients consistently or price my services correctly...

I quit my teaching job with no safety nets. I didn’t know where to get money after I quit. It was literally jumping off a cliff... 

Then, a mentor told me to spend one hour a day with my skill, and charge MUCH higher than I was comfortable with...

“Double your rates and see what happens. I bet you'll be surprised.” He said.

My desperation motivated me to try it out. I needed more money and food to eat, so I simply had to try it once to see what would happen...

I did it and.... It worked.

I raised my rate again. It worked again...

Then again. It worked, and the crazy thing is that I got MORE clients than I was getting before when I charged very low!

My clients took me more seriously.

They asked for LESS revisions, paid their invoices on time, and treated me like a respectable human being. That's something I couldn't say for my past clients who didn't pay me well...

That's when I proved MYSELF wrong and my confidence started building up, then my mindset started changing. It was me who broke my own limiting beliefs that finally allowed me to live the life of freedom and success I desired...

We are a community bonded by the same advocacy, and that's what makes us strong…


 Inside Create and Rise Academy, you are not only getting the module lessons, but you're getting lifelong friends through our strongly bonded community. Because of our similar advocacy of fair pay for Filipino freelancers, we continuously lift each other up. We celebrate each other's wins, get inspired by them and that fuels us to keep on moving forward, despite how difficult it could get.

*Photos from our Create & Rise Academy Meetup, July 2021 at Tambuli Seaside Resort & Spa, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu

Your Mentor....

Hi, my name is Demi!


I have taught an audience of 150,000 people across my social media channels how to use digital marketing to create financial freedom and create a life that you love.

I was once like you, trying to figure things out because all I ever wanted was to quit my Kindergarten teaching job and write books. Fast forward to today, I haven’t been writing books still (because I figured it’s not I really wanted to do) but I have been living the life that I love because I went from teaching in the four corners of my classroom to freelancing and serving clients from UK, Australia, US & Canada to now coaching people how to freelance, create online courses & basically just taking advantage of digital marketing to make our lives better.

It’s freaking amazing to now live the life that you want but it wasn’t always rainbows & butterflies. I had to cry, fall down, reach rock bottom multiple times just to try & figure things out.

Now, you don’t have to. I have created this program to guide you every step of the way.


Structured Intelligently So You Get Fast, Lasting Results Without Frustration or Overwhelm


Create and Rise Academy will teach you the Create and Rise Masterplan that is the bread and butter of creating a lucrative 7-FIGURE freelancing business.


CRA is self-paced. That means, even if you log-in at 3AM, it doesn't matter! You can learn anytime, anywhere, especially with our mobile app! ๐Ÿ’œ

BUT WAIT! There's MORE... ๐Ÿคฏ

The program doesn't end here. We added more stuff for you to devour, to ensure that you have everything you need in your freelancing journey!

All of these basic skills training are available inside...

1. Canva (Free App That's Perfect for Beginners)

Know the basics of the photo editing software Canva, Font Pairing and Color Harmony so you can create better social media images and graphics for your clients.

2. Wordpress + Elementor (For Web Design Projects That You Can Charge a Minimum of $500-$1000 Per Client For)

Setting up a Wordpress site via Bluehost, Installing Elementor and Designing a webpage via Elementor on Wordpress.

3. Social Media Management (Our Students Normally Charge a Minimum of $300 (โ‚ฑ15,000) Per Month Per Client For This Service, Which Normally Requires Just 2-3 Hours Per Week)

Learn the quick tips & tricks you can apply so you can better get engagement in your social media platforms for yourself and for your clients.

4. Clickfunnels Skill Training (Another Highly In-Demand Skill That You Can Charge Top Dollar For ($30-$50 Per Hour)

Learn one of the most highly-in-demand skills on the internet! You'll discover the basics of Clickfunnels, designing a landing page through this awesome funnel building platform, how to offer this as a service and earn so much money through it.

5. Mock-Up Calls (The Replays)

In line with Module 5, Negotiation, we have allowed the CRA members to volunteer to be one of the players of the Mock Up Calls we do quarterly. In Mock Up Calls, the mentees will be pretending to be closing a deal with one of the CRA administrators. We do this in order to ensure that their negotiation skills are in check!

Need MORE skills training?

Check out the Skill Mastery Sessions done by our CRA Skill Masters (chosen personally by Demi)

1. Taxation 101 by Jac Cantos

Learn how to be tax compliant in your freelancing business, especially if we're growing it to 100k!

2. Creating a Wordpress Website with Little to No Budget by Gem Bravo

Want a website for your portfolio but don't have the budget yet? Gem got your back! She created a step by step process on how you can create a website from scratch without spending too much!

3. Voice Acting for Beginners by Voice Actress, Sevee Eslabra

Familiar with the voice actors on Tiktok that are going viral? Voice acting has been there for years but was given the spotlight through Tiktok, and you can definitely be one of them! See how Skill Master Sevee became a star in her own way in the voice acting industry.

4. Basic Principles of Video Editing by John Ezra Matiga

John has been one of our video editing masters inside CRA. He's known for his profound wisdom and story, and how freelance video editing changed his life. With his guidance, you are definitely the next one!

5. How to be an Effective Social Manager by Rize Paredes

Rize has worked with huge brands and is super generous to be sharing her secrets on how to become an effective social media manager!

5. Principles of Branding by Arja Ramos

Do you want to help your client stand out by visual branding? Are you a graphic designer struggling in terms of composition and font pairing? How about color harmony? Arja explained all this and more inside this session!

5. Effective Logo Design by Louis San Pedro

Designing a logo can be tough especially for a beginner. But isn't it heartwarming to see if you have designed a logo that is a symbol of a successful business? Louis has been one of our OG designers inside the Strive for Excellence Team itself.

Uhmm... No, I'm sorry, we're NOT done YET.
Here's MORE GOOD STUFF inside
Create & Rise Academy!

1. Outreach script

Trying to find clients but don't know what to say? We have a template on what you can say to your client when you are trying to reach out to them!

2. Negotiation Script

Negotiation calls don't need to be scary! We follow this negotiation process that helps saves us time thinking about what to prepare and what to say when the call happens. This script has been proven and tested to work in so many discovery/negotiation calls!

3. List of Facebook Groups to Find Clients

I always say, "Find clients in Facebook Groups." But which Facebook Groups? This is the mighty list!

4.  Contract Template

You don't have to spend more time Googling what a contract when you are about to close a deal! The contract template is here, so have no fear!

5. Invoice Template

No experience in sending an invoice? Here's a template you can use to guide you on how to create one for your clients!

6. Project Proposal Template

Some clients look for Project Proposals, and oftentimes we don't even know what to put in those! Here's a template to help you save time!

7. Order Brief Template

In trying to produce high-quality service, an order brief template will help you find the bigger picture of what your client is trying to come up with. With this form, you will make your clients more satisfied with your service!

8. Occasional Job Opportunity Postings in the FB Group

Clients still reach out for Demi's services up to this day, and since Demi cannot handle services anymore, she uses those leads as an opportunity for the mentees to show their work and get hired. We post occasional job opportunities in the Facebook Group that help mentees find clients, and when mentees start to hire as well, they also post first in the mentees' group.

All these and more for a


No hidden charges. No bluff.

All these and more for a


No hidden charges. No bluff.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you enroll today and you did not find the time to open the course, or you found our after a few lessons that this course is not for you,ย I will give your enrollment fee back. No questions asked. Simply provide the email address you used upon enrolling. P.S. Refunds will not be processed for those who have consumed the course beyond 50%.

Commitment Plan


One-Time Fee Limited Time Offer


You will get a lifetime access to:

  • 140++ video courses with each video being 20-30 minutes
  • 7 x answerable & printable worksheets
  • Templates on Call Scripts & Documents like Invoices, Contracts & Proposals
  • FREE 100 Social Media Templates
  • An exclusive 60-minute Group Coaching Call
  • A mock-up call event to practice your negotiation skills

Payment Plan

2 payments of $107

To be paid 2x, every 30-days starting today


You'll receive all that is in the package but with the ff. terms:

  • Failure to pay the next following months will forfeit the first payment
  • The first payment is refundable only according to the Money Back Guarantee as listed above
  • Must pay in the deadline that is set: 30-days after each payment
  • Failure to pay will also result to the portal & FB group access to be revoked
  • Clicking the button below & enrolling means you agree to the said terms

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